1. Performance rights

VIP enjoys:
1.1 Priority delivery (priority delivery for member orders)
1.2 Rapid arrival (a variety of express delivery methods are free to choose from)
1.3 Free shipping whole store for ordinary transportation. Next day shipping method requires extra charge

2. Activity rights

Monthly membership exclusive coupons issued
3 (No threshold coupon)
5 (Use at least 39)
10 (Used at least 79)
20 (used at over 159)
Remarks: Coupons cannot be used in combination

Annual Membership Ceremony All merchandise members are purchased at the reserve price
Member 1 yuan merchandise spike
Up to 20% off all items
Remarks: Can not be used in stacks

3. Commodity rights

Discount on selected products for members (5% discount for members discounted products throughout the year); Remarks: all events except annual membership days

Monthly member flash purchases of reserve-priced products on a regular basis (member flash purchases are limited to a 1% discount on very low-priced products on the 25th of each month); Note: No other activities can be superimposed

4. Expand the rights and interests

Member trial product area:
4.1 New product members enjoy priority
4.2 The products in the trial zone can be used for free for home trial for 7 days
4.3 You can finally buy it and leave it or send it back to cyetus

5. Birthday benefits

Cash red envelopes on birthday ($20 merchandise discount coupon)
Customized gift delivery on birthday

6. Member Points

Spend 1 yuan to get 1 point
1000 points = 10 USD
Points can be used to deduct the payment
Redeem points products
Redeem coupons


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