CYETUS brings the cafe experience to homes with premium Espresso Machine

Designed in collaboration with the world's leading designers and engineers, the brand's newly developed espresso machine seeks to create a cherished, simple home coffee experience for consumers. With over 20 years of experience in innovation and original design manufacturing, the mission for the brand is to support new designers in actualizing products based on consumer insights and emerging trends. Unlike other products in the market, the CYETUS Home Barista Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine brings together beautiful design with solid functionality at a fraction of the cost of other premium coffee appliances.


With sleek design to maximize kitchen and counter-space, the CYETUS Home Barista Semi-Auto Espresso Machine includes key product features such as:

    • Adjustable milk frother wand for cappuccino and lattes
    • Vertical-discharge type coffee grinding system to avoid the residual of ground coffee
    • PID Temp Control System for more accurate and stable temperature, ensuring optimal espresso extraction
    • Removable water tank with 'grinder' indicator light to prevent bacterial contamination, ensuring the quality of every cup of coffee
    • The 'Clean' indicator with a cleaning reminder function for the grinder and coffee brewing system. The reminder light will start flashing to let the user know when you need to clean the machine to protect it from limescale and prolong its lifetime

In addition to the new premium appliance offerings, CYETUS will also be launching their own proprietary Mighty Whale Blend Coffee Beans for a full premium cafe experience at home. Cultivated in the ecologically rich and diverse region of the Gaoliogang Mountain bordering southwestern China and northern Myanmar, the versatile, dark roast whole beans are certified organic and are infused with notes of sweet, caramel and floral aromatics.

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