Key factors of good coffee machine


Better coffee flavor is influenced by two major factors:

1.Whether the temperature of the water used to extract coffee is appropriate (usually 88-94 degrees) and whether it can remain stable during the extraction process. It depends on: whether the boiler is large enough (storing enough heat) and the number of the boiler; the heat preservation of the brewing head, etc.

2.When the coffee cup extracts, the pressure in the airtight space between the brewing head and the handle should be appropriate and stable (the ideal value is 9 bars). The strength and stability of the pressure mainly depend on the pump

The high-quality foam and latte art pattern are mainly determined by the dryness and stability of the steam when foaming the milk.

Both of them are closely related to the size of the boiler, whether there is a separate steam boiler, the temperature of the steam in the boiler and the heat preservation quality of the boiler. Usually larger or independent boilers have a large amount of steam storage, which is conducive to the continuous and stable delivery of steam to make milk foam; if the steam temperature in the boiler is higher, then the boiler will have a better thermal insulation property. As a result, the steam is relatively dry and stable. ( It is advised to use up a certain amount of hot water and steam. So when cold water is added, temperature will not get lost too much instantly).

Secondly, it is also related to the length and material of the steam rod (when the steam comes out of the boiler, there shouldn’t be any significant drop in temperature to form condensation during the process of conveying the steam through the rod).

Moreover, they are also influenced by the number of steam holes and the design of their shape (it determines the angle, range and other factors of the steam injection).

Efficient extraction depends on whether the temperature of the hot water used to extract coffee is stable when the extraction is continuous and whether the steam is continuously stable when frothing the milk continuously in the milk steamer.

This is also most closely related to the size of the boiler (the amount of stored hot water and steam), whether it is a single boiler, double boiler or multiple boilers and the heat preservation quality of boiler.

In other aspects, it is also related to the water volume setting of the system when supplying each time (whether the boiler can reduce the temperature as little as possible under the premise of satisfying efficient production).

As for the machine with the water tank, the size of the water tank will also have a certain influence(if the water tank is too small, you will often have to add water).

It can be seen that if the boiler is much larger, it is better to separate the hot water (providing coffee extraction) from the steam boiler (providing milk foam). Such a machine is very beneficial to the above three core criteria for selecting machines. However, usually such machines are expensive. And there is another point worth considering. The bigger your boiler is, the longer it will take to make coffee from when you start it up (because you need to boil more water ). For family players, especially for entry-level family players, they need to measure whether the coffee machine is needed or useful according to the actual situation.

Written by wang chen

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