Difference between Semi-auto and automatic espresso machine

Selecting the first coffee machine in life is a bit similar to selecting the first camera or the first oven. Once you have made a selection, you will constantly fill the coffee machine like filling a sea(constantly spend money on coffee beans, milk and equipment upgrades). If you make a wrong choice, coffee will only be a stranger in your whole life.

At present, the price of coffee machine suitable for home use on the market ranges from several hundred to tens of thousands. My personal advice is that before you decide if you really like making coffee and are willing to devote time to practicing, you can buy a basic coffee machine. If you find the basic one can’t meet your needs any more, then you can buy a new one (millionaires can ignore this advice). Does that mean you just need to buy a cheap one? Absolutely not. Because there have been countless people holding a fully automatic coffee machine and asking me why this machine cannot do latte art.

At the beginning of this article, I need to introduce a definition:tips for differentiating the semi-automatic and fully automatic coffee machine

CYETUS CYK76001 Semi-Auto Espresso Machine

There is a supporting part in the coffee machine: handle (which is used to put the coffee powder into the bowl at the front of the handle).

The handle can be removed from the coffee machine, and the loading is finished manually.

A skilled barista can make coffee as the above picture shows with a semi-automatic coffee machine

Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine

As the picture shows:

There is only a machine body without the coffee grinder that the previous semi-automatic machine is equipped with, and there is no handle.

In fact, the coffee grinder and the coffee machine have been integrated (embedded inside the coffee machine). And there is no handle since the grinding and loading steps are automatically completed inside the coffee machine.

It can make the foam and the powder layer of coffee and milk, but it can’t make delicate pattern of latte art.

All above is the differences between a semi-automatic coffee machine and a fully automatic coffee machine.

Written by wang chen

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